LactoMarinate is a revolutionary Natural Meat Enhancer formulated using Lactobacillus technology to elevate value of meat.

Application Benefits

  • Improves taste and texture

  • Reduces meat odour commonly associated with frozen items

  • Retains meat moisture during storage and after cooking

  • Prevents bacterial contamination / extends shelf-life

  • Reduces cooking time

  • Combines well with other meat marinades / seasonings

  • Replaces artificial additives

  • Works on all kinds of meat



Skin on Chicken

Crispier skin

Meat off bones more easily

No unpleasant meat odour

Better browning effect

Meat Ball

More succulent

No unpleasant meat odour

Better browning effect


Enhance taste

Enhance texture

Meat Patty

More succulent

Better browning effect


More intense taste

More succulent

No unpleasant meat odour

Absolutely tastier

Striploin: 210 day wet-aged with LactoMarinate*. 
Succulent, intense and no weight loss.

*Chilled at 4 degree C throughout.

Enhance Life Through Lactobacillus Innovations
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