We supply game-changing Lactobacillus ingredients with multiple application benefits, whose attributes include digestive health properties, natural sensory improvement in food, beverages, meat, and  to prevent bacterial contamination during food processing.

Digestive Health in Everyday Food

Better Consumer Experience

All our Lactobacillus ingredients are developed with consumer experience in mind.

bioAXTive Postbiotic Lactobacillus - the versatile digestive health properties for production of functional food and beverages, and to also naturally improve sensory quality of fortified food and beverages.  

LactoMarinate - revolutionary natural meat enhancer formulated to elevate value and quality of meat, and replace artificial additives.


LactoWash - natural ingredient to wash fruits and vegetables, remove pesticides, and preserve freshness.

Formulated by Otemchi's cutting-edge AXT technology, whose Lactobacillus innovations yield in natural, healthy, and highly beneficial ingredients for better consumer experience. 


That is how innovation should be.

bioAXTive Postbiotic Lactobacillus is versatile digestive health properties for 

application in broad range of food and beverages.

LactoMarinate is a revolutionary Natural Meat Enhancer formulated using Lactobacillus technology to elevate value of meat.

LactoWash is Lactobacillus-rich concentrate formulated for washing fruits and vegetables, remove pesticides, and preserve freshness.

Enhance Life Through Lactobacillus Innovations
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