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Your trusted partner in Lactobacillus innovative products ranging from digestive health properties for production of functional food and beverages, natural meat enhancer, fruit and vegetable wash; functional food and beverages with digestive health theme; cutting-edge probiotic and postbiotic supplements for human health; and high grade pet probiotics.

Digestive health properties, natural sensory improvement, natural meat enhancer, and natural preventive ingredient against bacterial contamination during food processing. 


Delectable, functional food and beverages with digestive health properties.


Superior formulation of probiotic and postbiotic supplements that deliver high performance for gut health maintenance, for all ages.

Probiotic & Postbiotic

Top grade formulation of pet probiotics, trusted by top veterinarians and pet lovers.

Pet Probiotics
What We Offer
Lactobacillus is a genus of Gram-positivefacultative anaerobic or microaerophilic, rod-shaped, non-spore-forming bacteria.
A major part of the lactic acid bacteria group, Lactobacilli constitute a significant group of microbiota in our digestive systemurinary systemgenital system, and skin immune system.
In our digestive system, Lactobacilli protect us against potential invasions by pathogens, and play essential roles in immune health, metabolic health, and anti-inflammatory regulation.
Lactobacillus in Food and Beverages

Long before refrigeration was invented, human kind have been using fermentation techniques to preserve food, beverages, and at the same time reap the health benefits from consuming fermented food and beverages. 
The most common probiotic bacteria found in fermented food and beverages such as yogurt, cultured milk, sourdough, etc. are Lactobacilli.
Beneficial roles of Lactobacilli in health have been well documented, even though for the longest time their applications in food and beverages have been restricted to mainly chilled items such as yogurt and cultured milk.
Lactobacillus Innovations
Through advanced biotechnologies, we offer Lactobacillus innovative products that can be incorporated in shelf-stable items and in food or beverage processing that involves high heat.  

We also offer Lactobacillus innovative products for broad range applications in food, beverages, meat, fruits and vegetables - that result in tastier end products and for better health.
At Bronnen Asia, that is how we contribute to consumer health: we enhance life through Lactobacillus innovations.

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Enhance Life Through Lactobacillus Innovations